Monday, September 10, 2007


It is late and I need to be up early tomorrow. So not much will be written tonight. Tonight (this picture) was a cloudless sunset, cool and wonderful. But cloudless sunsets are rather mediocre. Clouds add drama. And we all need drama in our lives, right?

Then I went to see some bands at the Boundary Bay Brewery, a decent restaurant that is always involved in anything community related. This place really does a lot for any causes in Bellingham, whether Bike to Work & School Day, the Chuckanut Centennial, Salmon Stream Restoration, Groovin' for Grizzlies...the list goes on and on. Truly an institution in Bellingham. And I should patronize more than I do. Very good root beer, I might add.


Anonymous said...


Your blog came up recently via my Google Alert for Westcott. I've been researching on and off for 25 years, and this is one tool I have to try and catch relatives, etc.

We used to live in Bellingham. In fact, my son is a native Bellinghamster. We really enjoyed living there, should have stayed. We were both students at WWU, just before it became a U. We'd lived outside Seattle for about two years, then moved up to Montague Terrace on Garden Street. First week into school, we got a surprise: my wife was pregnant.

We loved it there, going out east on Hwy 2, Mt. Baker, Chuckanut Mountain, going up to Vancouver, what a nice small central town. We left just about the time the Northweast Ecosystem Alliance began, Bill Gates was starting up in Bellevue....

Do you know your lineage very far back? I come from Vermont, then Massachusetts, and England. Still got lots of gaps and missing cousins.

Well, enjoy Bellingham, we sure did.

Doug Wescott

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