Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Today started off drizzly and cloudy - a typical autumn day. But the clouds ceiling started at about 100 feet (and probably went forever), so maybe that's fog instead. Either way, very ethereal and wonderful.

But it cleared around four and I ended up getting a picture right as the clouds were passing by. This picture is of the mooring balls by the Fairhaven Terminal. It was actually quite a bit drearier and I needed to brighten this picture. But the evening turned out wonderful and sunset was second to none. Until tomorrow.

One thing that is pretty neat here on a summer night is how absolutely quiet it is. Virtually no one in town has air conditioning, so there is very little noise at night. An occasional auto, or train, or cat. On the nights the wind is blowing off the Cascades, you can hear some I-5 traffic, which is about ten blocks away to the east. But mostly the wind is off the bay and it brings quiet. You do hear some stories of transplants needing air conditioning. But I can't stand air conditioning, which is a one of the reasons I am in Bellingham. The twenty-six dollar electric bills don't hurt either. And by the way, Bellingham (I've been told) has the highest proportion of fluorescent bulb users in the US. (Now about the residual mercury...)

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