Saturday, September 15, 2007

Vintage Schwinn

As my brother is coming in tonight, I thought it would be wise to get a second bike so we could tool around town. I went to the bike shop and for a fleeting moment thought about plopping down $250 for a new bike, as they are quite pricey to rent for a week. That thought, however, was fleeting. Instead, I drove over to run some errands and maybe stop by a pawn shop to see if there were any bikes available that would cost far less.

Well lo and behold, the first random garage sale I came across over in the Birchwood neighborhood had an old Schwinn Suburban (probably a seventies vintage - possibly 1972) sitting out front. (Garage sales are common throughout Bellingham on any given Saturday.) Since it was afternoon, the owner lowered the price from $15 down to $10. It is in rough shape, but it is amazing what a cleaning will do for it. And it rides surprisingly smoothly. More cleaning in needed, but it will fill the need. If you come to visit, this Schwinn may very well be your mode of transport for the week. It does only have two speeds right now (5th and 10th), as I need to replace the rear dérailleur cable.

A good day. Guests motivate me to clean, so my house is a bit tidier. I think I will read for a bit.

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