Friday, September 14, 2007


One thing that you see all over Bellingham are old cars. Old everythings. Especially lots of old VWs, like this one - c.1969. The only material possession that I would really like in life is an old VW Type-II Westfalia. As 1971 was the first year with disc brakes up front (among other things), this vintage would be the obvious choice. (Yes, I spoke recently of getting rid of a car, so acquiring one may be a few years off. Just a dream.)

There will be more pictures of VWs on this blog, I assure you.

Tonight was spent at the movie Sicko by Michael Moore. It was actually his best work, in my opinion. As I am not too good at critiquing movies, it seems he is maturing as a director, writer, etc., and the movie flowed smoothly without any jarring story-line twists like some of his other movies.

Knowing many Canadians living up here, I make it a point to ask them about the quality of their healthcare system, and have never heard anything negative. Yeah, I'm all for free markets, but there just seems to be something innately wrong with for-profit healthcare. And I've said this long before this movie came out. But I just picked up catastrophic healthcare after going without for awhile, so I have no more excuses for not getting up on the ladder.

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