Friday, September 21, 2007

The End of the Vee-Dub

Another picture of the Hoh Rain Forest. I guess we lucked out. It was beautiful and cloudless on the peninsula. Back to Bellingham and the rain has begun. Sunny this morning. Denial this afternoon by not believing the weather report. Consequently, I got soaked on the way home. Usually, Bellingham is perpetually drizzly through the fall, winter and spring. Today it was a harder summer-type rain, although I need to get used to it and begin packing my rain gear every day when I go to work.

And I am selling my car this week, so biking will be my sole means of transport. In an effort to eliminate things in life that bring stress, driving topped the list. So in a rash decision, I offered my car to a friend at a discounted price and he accepted. So I might soon be without four wheels, but to get around out in the county, I might pick up an old BMW R60 motorcycle. And on my rare trips to Seattle or Vancouver, I will rent a car. And for the other times I need a car, I will use the Community Car Share (this was posted a few weeks back, I believe).

Although my car costs much more top operate than I originally calculated, the money is not really the reason for getting rid of it. I fell confined and alienated from my surroundings by driving around in a little steel and glass box. And we moved to city that was bike and pedestrian friendly, so it makes sense to eliminate things that prevent me from riding more.

It is a big move for me, and I am sure you will hear more of going carless.

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