Thursday, September 20, 2007


This picture was taken yesterday on the Hoh River near the rain forest on the Olympic Peninsula. Now this is one of the few temperate rain forests in the US. And honestly, it didn't look too much different than what I've seen over here in Bellingham. But it supposedly gets 10-15 feet of rain per year.

Bellingham, on the other hand, only gets about three feet per year. And as much as it rains here (supposedly), the precipitation is actually greater in Pittsburgh (37.2"), Cincinnati (40.9") and Clarks Summit (36.5"). Bellingham only gets 36.1", the difference is here that in Bellingham it rains one drop at a time (as they say). It drizzles every day here and is cloudy continuously. For eight months, the sun is rarely seen. Today was one such day.

A joke I recently heard...
Q: What does Bellingham have in common with Cher?
A: Neither is {expletive} sunny/Sonny.

But the funny thing is how many people (myself included) look forward to the laid back rainy and cloudy season that is soon upon us. No Vitamin D overdoes to worry about until next May.

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