Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mt. Baker

So this afternoon we too a jaunt up to Mt. Baker, a 10,000+ ft member of the Cascades that is a somewhat active volcano. State Route 542 ends at Artist Point, which (on some days) offers breathtaking views that are awe inspiring. Other days, like today, the visibility is about eighteen inches and invokes vertigo when you are staring into an abyss of clouds and fog and hear the rushing water hundreds of feet below.

I felt like being on the moon, as there was little plant growth and igneous rocks all over from eruptions of some past millennia. Add to the equation the fine mist and glaciers and you get an eerily unearthly sensation. It was interesting to venture up here, as I haven't really left Bellingham for months and once having lived at 7,300 feet, it was nice to get back to the thin air.

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