Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday. Blah.

Not much time to write tonight. I need to develop a file (Excel) and I am having the equivalent of writer's block. But I think it broke, finally. So I do not want to lose the momentum now.

Not much happened today. I started working today with a long-time fisherman here in Bellingham. And I did have another flat tire this morning. (I am living on the edge here in Bellingham, I tell ya.)

But the fact is, my tire is polka-dotted with patches. The trail by the house (next to the high school) frequently has broken glass on it. I will finally break down and by a kevlar strip that lines the tube to prevents future flats. And maybe I'll splurge and buy some new tubes too.

Oh, and this picture was taken from the park on Saturday. Clouds are coming. And showers. Apologies for the blandness on this autumn day, but I am preoccupied. Have a good week!

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