Sunday, September 2, 2007

This picture is taken across the high school soccer/baseball field about a half block from home. Towards town. The hill on the left is an arboretum with hiking trails that is nestled next to Western.

Today was a day of using my new couch. (Well it has seen better days, but it is brand new to me.) I became engrossed in the book Endurance, an incredibly written account off the Shackleton Expedition. I will need more books like this, as today was a very dreary day that is very conducive to doing little. Plus, I'm catching a cold - which rarely happens. So it is good to recuperate over a long weekend.

But is was fun last night. One guy I talked was leaving the next day to fly to Peru (I think) to bike across South America. A few others just got back from a two-month sailing trip up the Inside Passage to Alaska aboard a Pearson 36. Interesting people in this town.

And the guy that threw the party - well I saw him at the grocery store and he was with his friend that just rolled into town from Colorado, who originally hails from Bradford, PA, of all places (home of Zippo Lighters).

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