Thursday, September 13, 2007


Today was a day of meetings and such. And I ate a lot of ice cream for some reason.

I ended up biking to the afternoon meeting (that ended in the twilight) and decided to ride up to Lake Whatcom for some evening views of the bay. I do not go up that way too much, and there is a trail the entire way. (See picture at left.) And it winds forgivingly up along Alabama Hill and to the park. Quite cloudy and misty this morning, but a sun-filled day.

Below are links to a cool bike map of Bellingham.
Click here for the big one that is 2.2mb, so it may take awhile to download.
Click here for a smaller file if you have dial-up - 120kb
The green curvy line up to the lake is the bike trail.

My favorite Jerry Garcia Band song just came on - Mission In The Rain - so it is time to sign off.

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