Monday, September 3, 2007


Not Bellingham, but Paris. From 2000. From Notre Dame looking west. But the weather was very similar today: cloudy and looking like it could rain any minute. (I think another low-budget trip to Paris will be my first reward in the next year if things keep looking up.)

But back in was a tempting day to stay in, although I did a bit of yard work. I also rescued a little garter snake from a playful cat outside the kitchen window, so I did something beneficial today: saving the life of a little reptilian friend. Other than that, trying to shake this cold by drinking lots of tea that a friend brought back from China. It's in a big round, compressed disc and you break it off as needed. Sort of neat. I wish I could tell you more about it, but the writing is all in Chinese.

And I finished a business plan. And the Shackleton story. If you ever think your life sucks, read this story of the Endurance. Almost two years on ice floes and islands of rock, ice and guano. What remarkable will and strength.

Time to drink some more liquids.

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