Saturday, September 8, 2007


This picture is looking into town on Holly St. I took all these pictures last Tuesday, I think. The food co-op is on the left in the mustard-colored building. But I really don't shop there a whole lot. There are other healthy-type food stores closer to home. And the cream building on the left is where I spent a good part of today.

It was a day spent at a workshop with a group with whom I work (or actually volunteer), called Sustainable Bellingham. After dealing with business meetings every day for work, it was nice to attend something a bit softer and meet still more wonderful people. I left there mentally invigorated and refreshed.

So later a friend and I went to a gallery opening of a Bellingham/NYC artist. Then down to see a wonderful sunset, even though there were not many clouds. (Clouds - a few - make for beautiful sunsets.) Still recovering from last Saturday night, but was all that fun worth a lingering cold? Yeah, it was. Everyone is sick out here, which is odd: One would think that sickness would occur in the six-plus months of rain-and-forty-degrees weather that not-too-far off.

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