Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Not much time to write tonight. But I am working with a fisherman client and he suggested that I join him for chum salmon season to see how the business works firsthand. Forty-eight hours aboard a 38-foot fishing boat in the San Juan Islands in early October? Of course I would go.

Thankfully not quite the Deadliest Catch, but it should still be a tremendous opportunity and exciting time. Probably little sleep, as some of the days can be eighteen-plus hours long. But it is only two full days. And I frequently pull those anyway, although not on a rolling fishing boat.

I am sure more pictures will follow if this comes to fruition. And I will gain enough knowledge for me to B/S like an expert on the Pacific salmon industry upon my return.

Gotta love the 10-day forecast:
Ton Sep 26 Mostly Cloudy N/A/48° 20%
Thu Sep 27 Showers 60°/45° 100% 60°F
Fri Sep 28 Showers 59°/44° 40% 59°F
Sat Sep 29 Showers 55°/46° 40% 55°F
Sun Sep 30 Showers 55°/47° 50% 55°F
Mon Oct 1 Showers 56°/47° 40% 56°F
Tue Oct 2 Showers 56°/44° 40% 56°F
Wed Oct 3 Showers 54°/44° 40% 54°F
Thu Oct 4 Showers 51°/44° 60% 51°F
Fri Oct 5 Partly Cloudy 55°/45° 20% 55°F

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