Saturday, September 29, 2007

Um... here I read my post last night and think about the one written the night before that: here I move to Bellingham (with my soon-to-be-ex-wife) and (ex-)dog from Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side. Now this isn't California (the recipient of last night's wrath), but you could see it across the lake (yeah, and we even had lake view). So I guess I am sort of a hypocrite.

But in all actuality, I am progressing towards a more minimalist lifestyle. And in a world of dwindling resources, I do believe that huge trophy homes pocking otherwise beautiful mountains like acne are both selfish and wasteful.

Me? I live in a 1,000sqft house and think that is too much space (and I'm teetering on getting a roommate). It was built in 1928 for a coal miner. Let's see, he had a new house; I'm living in an 80 year-old place. And I bet he didn't have a graduate degree.

A long, long day spent working, with many hours to go tonight. Gotta feed the machine. Oh, and the picture is taken of Port Angeles last week. We had lunch there on the way back from the coast.

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