Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Although this picture was taken last night, it almost could've been taken tonight too. Another cloudless sunset.

I may be working with another client that further solidified my reasoning to do something I have been considering for a bit: getting rid of my car. You see, I drive once a week and it sits in the garage most days of the week, or out on the street. A few blocks away is a co-op car run by the Community Car Share.

Getting rid of the car would mean that I would need to work a few hours less a month. The average person spends approximately $7,000 per year on the myriad cost of vehicle ownership; I figure I spend about a third of that. And it's not even the money. The more I ride my bike, the more unpleasant I find driving. Excuse my language, but even nice people can turn into assholes once they get behind the wheel. Especially around rush hour when everyone is in such a hurry to get home to the 'burbs to watch Survivor or American Idol or whatever that rage is these days.

I'll watch another sunset, thank you. No repeats. Or commercials.

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ecogal said...

i'm finding that the sunset is my favorite evening program as well. i enjoyed our visit on the dock that night when we discussed this topic. thanks for sharing. and thanks for putting Boundary Bay in your blog. they totally deserve a shout out for all the charity partnering they do.
see you round