Thursday, November 8, 2007

Philly Again

So here is where I crashed a few nights back in Philly with an old friend of mine. It is a very comfortable home that my friend has and I probably will end my trip here in Philadelphia by staying here on Sunday night - my last night.

Today was a day of more visiting and family. But I am having a stay at a hotel in Plymouth Meeting, so I should not need to drive anymore and can sleep in a few days.

Again, I have found my visit back east to be wonderful and fun, albeit exhausting. So I am hanging out in the lobby of the hotel, people watching and working. And I long to sleep in tomorrow. The northeastern energy of the city just sucks you into its wake. Everyone moves with intent and fervor. It is truly different from the world I know back in the little Bellingham. I miss the smniles of the Pacific Northwest. When passing you on the street, people here look at their shoes a lot more and make eye contact a lot less. Just an observation.

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