Monday, November 5, 2007

Electric City

Written Saturday en route:

I am somewhere over the Midwest about an hour from Philly writing on my laptop at 37,000 feet. Since this is the first time out of Bellingham since July of 2006 (other than a few business trips) it is refreshing and I am looking forward to the hustle and bustle of the East Coast. For a week. Thoughts of the laughs and good times that I have with old friends and family from back east bring a smile to my face and I am looking forward to arriving.

I did forget to add extra fastener my suitcase, so I hope it makes the trip in the cargo hold intact. The woman at the Bellingham airport told me the baggage handlers in SLC (my layover) were pretty tough, so I will keep my fingers crossed as the suitcase comes down the conveyor.

Time to finish my productive spell here with some work I was doing. This was written 12:30PT/3:30ET on Saturday, so I really do not know when I will be able to upload it.


I made it to Norristown, and everything went smoothly. Lotsa fun in Philly – met some old college friends and then took the train to the airport to pick up a car (first pic).

Off to Scranton Sunday night, which is where I am sitting in a coffee house on the courthouse square typing this. Finally able to get caught up on sleep, and stayed in South Scranton last night (see second pic). Beautiful weather and nice to be back in the Electric City.

I am lucky to get a good cup of coffee in Scranton, which is nice. Scranton has (but really hasn't) changed a whole lot. Gotta get some work done.


marshall said...

Bellingham misses you does the BMW....

marshall said...

Bellingham misses you does the BMW....