Friday, November 2, 2007


Although Bellingham is now my home, I always refer to Clarks Summit, PA as home. And that is where I'm off to next week by way of Philly for my cousin's wedding and meeting up with good old friends. As I have been busy, I haven't really laid out any formal itinerary. I used to get away with couch surfing when I was younger, and think I may be able to still pull it off. Only for a few nights. But I recently had to changed plans so the flow changed and I need to shift gears. Usually when I travel, I stay a few nights here, a few nights there. And it is usually sporadic and spontaneous.

I also bought a suitcase from my neighbors' garage sale for three dollars and there is a funky smell permeating the room. I hope it is not coming from this suitcase containing all of my clothes for the next ten days, but it could be the case (pun intended).

So it took two full nights to get all my tasks completed and I almost feel comfortable and possibly even relaxed. Also, my neighbor will drive me to the airport in the morning at 4:45.

So there may be sporadic entries over the next week. Although I will have me laptop with me, as it will not be all play.

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Anonymous said...

Its 1:41 pm and I just checked on Jeff's flight (Delta 1776; appropo for Phila;) and he will be in early at 4:16 pm out of Salt Lake.

Our friend Lloyd bagged us for a "Police" Concert, but with McMann in his place we shall have fun;

Much food has been prepared for this event; I cooked for 2.5 hours on Thurs nite. Veggie stuff for Jeff, (if he still is), and a homemade baked ziti - meatless with homemade gravy, then a pot of meatballs and sausage, and much more....alcohol has been purchased by Rob and the group is all pitching in for a fun welcome "home" to Philly party for Jeff at Dan's house. We plan on Driving thru Drexel's Campus and the Dorm which we all met when we were youngsters (freshman) in August of 1983; Safe travels Jeff! - Lou