Thursday, November 15, 2007


This is Philly, and a beautiful view straight down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The last day in the east and a nice weather transition into the PNW. This picture was from Monday. Oh, and I wanted to see a Renoir exhibit at the Philly Art Museum. And a Cezanne painting (Le Mont Sainte-Victoire). But it turns out the Cezanne wasn't even at that museum. And besides, it was closed on Mondays. Oh well.

This morning was a day I thought would be rainy, windy, dark and cold. I had to bike to a breakfast meeting at 6:45, and any two the aforementioned undesirables I can easily handle, but all of them would've sucked at such an early hour. Well it turned out it was only dark and windy, and the strong wind was a tailwind up a small hill to my destination. This weekend I need to repack the hub on my one speed, so that will be a mini-project.

It's nice to be sitting in my easy chair in Bellingham listening to the Mamas and the Papas and decompressing.

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