Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wedding II

So last night wast the Hindu ceremony. Or actually all day yesterday was the Hindu festivities. Today was the Christian side and the ceremony was at an Episcopalian church in the beautiful area of Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. And more eating, dancing, meeting wonderful people from all over and a generally wonderful feeling of being around good people. The Hindi people were overly accommodating to our (partially) Polish heritage and vice versa.

This picture is of the church where the wedding was held, and it was a tremendous treat to see the two families get to know each other in these two settings. I am exhausted, and winding down my week in Pennsylvania. I am sad too that such fine times are coming to an end, but another pile of fond memories were created.

The stragglers are still downstairs partying, but it is 1:30am and sleep beckons. The world is full of some wonderful people, and I am very lucky to be amongst them.

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