Monday, March 16, 2009


So last year I took out a 20'x20' section of my yard in the back. I put three layers of cardboard down and topped it off with a few inches of chippings that I got up at the county debris pile up at Sunset and Britton Road last spring. The robins in the back looking for worms were preferring this patch to the remaining grass, which indicates a good thing to me. But I have a tiny lot (4,000 sqft) and roughly 1/8 of it has been sheet mulched. I will probably do another 400 sqft this spring in the back with cardboard and mulch, although a good part of the front will be taken out with a de-sodder. The climate here is pretty temperate, so pretty much anything grows. Quite well, at that. And this seemed to be a coldr-than -average winter this year.

So if you look hard, there are two small raspberries that are coming back from last year, as well as two blueberry bushes planted today - one elliot and one blue crop. I hope to plant many more berries: salmonberries, huckleberries, boysenberries,... These two varieties bear fruit at different times in season, the elliot being later (if I recall correctly).

In the back of this patch is where the chickens will be residing. Time for me to close up shop and bike home on the drizzle.

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