Monday, March 23, 2009


The days slip by unnoticed and I am not certain, but the Oregon Juncos may have taken flight to their northern climes. I stay in my back office many days and today was one such day that I was anchored to my desk the entire day. Feet away, I have a thistle feeder and another with a regular mixture of sunflower and whatever that little seed is(...millet?). I was surprised that the juncos fed from this perched thistle feeder, while their brethren back east (the Slate Colored Juncos) fed exclusively on the ground. Just an observation.

But if they indeed have left, than that is a sign that spring is here. I will miss their convivial dining habits so close to my desk and wish them all safe passage to their summer homes in Northern Canada.

"Wonder where the nuthatch winters?
wings a mile long
just carry
the bird

- Robert Hunter

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