Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today was a day that I sat listening to music writing a business plan. It was a rainy, yet welcomed day to relax. I though I had something more to say, but I cannot remember. I actually was supposed to meet someone out, but the gusting winds made for an uninviting day. I did make it to the garage to give my cruiser a good cleaning and lube, and replace a spoke. The bearings that I replaced last year still seem to be doing quite well. Not bad for my first time doing it. And I continue to be surprised how much of a beating this bike continues to take and still performs flawlessly.

Tomorrow I take delivery of two mature blueberry plants, so hopefully I will have some berries this year and many more for next year's harvest. I need to begin putting aside a day each week (at least) to catch up on gardening. Maybe I will set aside all of next weekend to do yard work.

But days to bumble around the house and putz around the garage are also fun and necessary.

Here's another church picture taken last week near my house.

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