Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today was a day that I did my standard Sunday routine. I thin a day off is in order and it looks like it will be Wednesday. But the snow from last week is gone, and I wish I could write the many thoughts that enter and leave my mind during the day.

But my routine for the past few Sundays (and longer) has been helping a friend run his shop in Happy Valley. It is nice because it gets me out of the house and I can get some work done (like writing pro-forma finacial statements, like today) with fewer distractions. And it puts a few bucks in my pocket too, which isn't bad. It's nice being able to pay cash for everything, as I've shifted into mode of buying everything with cash (or paying it off in the month that I bought it) like my new bicycle and laptop.

But the one guy I work with might be leaving for to get his PhD in a few months and the boss is looking to hire someone. When asked, we tell interested parties that a graduate degree is required to work as a clerk there; I too have an MBA, working as a convenience store clerk for minimum wage. So funny, but I've learned that many times the person selling me a coffee or sandwich in Bellingham probably has more education than I. I guess after all the stress of my other projects in life, this job is a relief and relaxing and quite fun to do. Not to mention the characters that come through the doors. I look forward to Sunday mornings.

Tomorrow is back to the salt mines. But it's a path I chose and I would choose no other course. Life is pretty funky right now. And the pockets of nice weather we have in the springs tends to heighten the moods of most.

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