Monday, March 9, 2009

Forest Gardens

This picture to the right is my daily driver.

I was told tonight of an interesting fact tonight that there are 7,000 edible plants in Cascadia. (I think I got the decimal place right.) I went to see a friend speak that is very active in native gardening in a tiered poly-cultural setting.

You see, when the Europeans came to the Americas - and especially South America - there was abundant vegetation growing seemingly wild around the camps. The Europeans were used to large swaths of one crop, so this seemed uncivilised. Lttle did they realize that all sort of edible plants and herbs were growing merely within arms reach of their dwellings or circle.

So in a defensive measure (by growing one's food), or out of the beauty of nurturing local plant varieties, the concept of 'forest gardening' sounds enticing. Especially in a city settting. I like the term Urban Gardening, and I've been getting involved in it sort of as a hobby. And I've been told that you can produce enough food for two people on a 4,000sqft lot (yes, less than a tenth of an acre). Things that are coming back include the garlic, kale, herbs, one of the raspberries. The chicken coop is pretty much done, I just need to get some inhabitants. And in two weekends - weather permitting - the front yard comes out. Most of it, at least.

And after discussing all this wonderful food grown around here, I sit here eathing a third of a pound of pasta. At least it was organic. I wonder if I will like eating fresh fruits and veggies grown in my yard as much as I like the thought of it? I hope so.

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