Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Another day, another Dow 30 swing in the hundreds. I heard on the radio that credit card late payments have dramatically and surprisingly declined since the recession has hit. I, wonder if we will enter into an era of frugality, if not by fad, then by need. Please excuse my business meanderings - just mere musings.

But if today is March tenth, which I believe it is, then I read it is Car Freedom Day. Basically, every dollar that Americans earn up until this point in the year goes toward car ownership and upkeep. I'd rather put my car payment towards the mortgage: Every $250 I put towards principal now shaves a month off the mortgage on the back end. And I know that most people suggest putting it into some asset class like stocks or metals, but I'd rather just pay down all debt from a defensive standpoint. And yes, hyperinflation may be very real in the immediate future, and holding debt instruments is a better maneuver in such a situation. But again, I'd rather reduce my debt exposure.

And oops. I looked at a '72 VW Camper yesterday that I might be able to get for a song and run on home made ethanol to take to the mountains on occasion. But that's another story for another time.

And even though it is bitter cold, it's still not bad biking around town. I look forward to the ride home in a few minutes from my moonlighting gig on my (still sort of) new (and paid for) Felt Curbside.

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