Saturday, March 14, 2009


Nothing today really. But a friend and I went looking for house to include on our urban garden tour next weekend. Or actually two weekends away. We visit different people's gardens in the city and they tell us what they've done with their gardens that were once lawns.

One thing I've stated numerous times here is that grass clipping are our nation's largest agricultural product. Maybe someday they will be able to make cellulosic ethanol from this crop or something else of value, as I really do not see any other purpose that lawns serve. I hope next weekend I will take out my front yard and plant vegetables. Let's hope that I persevere and rent the desodder. I know it's not the purist's way to remove one's yard, but it sure is quick.

This picture was taken last week looking down one of the Letter Streets - maybe H Street - towards the water. I think that is Orcas Island in the distance.

But right now the wind is picking up and a warm front is coming through. Sprinkles of rain on the window. Much more rain predicted tonight and tomorrow. Seven degrees Celsius and steady. Time for bed.

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