Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"I guess I need that city life,
it sure has lots of style.
But pretty soon it wears me out,
and I have to think to smile."
- Neil Young

Today was a trip south to the big cities of Everett and Seattle. I do not really like going down there too much, as I've done my time in cities and the pursuit of material wealth and career opportunities come at a high price. But I do miss the arts and some day may make a journey down to see the symphony or opera in Seattle. Or better yet, up to Vancouver, where the city is more cosmopolitan and the women are more classy and beautiful. Besides, Vancouver is closer, cleaner, safer, and all around a cooler city. But that's just my opinion.

Above is a picture taken Saturday where we went last night to plant some blueberries and other bushes, and spread more soil and mulch. A very productive day when you have ten people or so helping you out. Since it was my birthday, some friends took me out later and gave me some presents: a blueberry bush, a young madrona tree and some salal. I don't celebrate birthdays really, but I guess it should be reason to celebrate.

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