Saturday, March 28, 2009


A day where I sat around and read and I really cannot remember what else significant happened. My afternoon got sidetracked by a lengthy phone call, so I never made it out to hear the detox speaker at the alternative library. But I still might try a body cleanse now that spring is coming. The last one lasted five days and although I wanted it to last a few more, it ended in a blizzard of chocolate and Mexican food during the point of the cleanse where I was drinking only tea and water. Not good to go to a dinner party during this time.

But I sort of made up the regimen for my last one: raw veggies and fruits and liquids - including caffeine - and tobacco. (When you make your own cleanse you can add what you want. The tobacco curbed my appetite during a time that I was constantly hungry, and besides, I smoked no more than one a day - I am an occasional smoker, at most. The residual of my East Coast asthma makes sure of that.) I also lost eight pounds but put most back on, and I look forward to doing another soon. Maybe for one week.

I'm rambling.Time to go. Oh, and the picture is of Bellingham. If you click on it, you can see the Canada Coast Range in the background.

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