Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here's a picture looking east near my place. Mount Baker off in the clouds. And I forget the ridge of mountains, but it's about fifteen miles away and I've ridden my bike behind that ridge, which is SR9 - a chilly road, even in the summer.

At the end of a filled day, I took the car share over to pick up some blueberry bushes. I think one variety was an Elliot(?) and I forget the other. Last summer I sheet mulched a 400sqft section of my yard in the back near the ever-evolving chicken coop. (Soon, I will be picking some hens up. My housemate is egging me on to get some - excuse the pun. It's just that they don't lay that much in the winter, so spring is a better time to get them. I would think their metabolism slows down in the winter and they don't lay as much, but I digress.) So tomorrow two mature bluberry bushes get added to my little garden out back.

I think the front yards comes up in a week or so. Stay tuned.

Time to listen to some AM 650 out of Vancouver and sleep.

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