Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Tortured in prison: 173,221
Executed: 156,758
Killed in fighting: 432,705
Starved to death: 342,970
Suicide: 9,002
"Struggled" to death: 97,731
TOTAL: 1,207,387

Yesterday was also another great anniversary: The 50th anniversary of the Chinese occupation of Tibet. This data is as of 1988, so I wonder how many more thousands and thousands were killed or otherwise eradicated by the Chinese military and government.

Saddam murdered around 300,000 from 1979-2003. In twice the amount of the time of Saddam's regime, the Chinese killed five times as many people. We attack and occupy Iraq to depose of this evil dictator, while we give China 'most favoured nation' status under Clinton. I wonder if there are any corporate interests at play here in these scenarios? So sad that this is what the United States represents.

Time to close shop and get ready to ride home. Another chilly day, but the cold is lifting.

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