Monday, March 2, 2009


With another day of dismal economic news, now is not the ideal time to be launching a business. I've been busy and have been unable to read the economic news in depth, but it seems that the country has grown into a rather accepting table position regarding the current economic malaise. I wonder if those people that are way over extended on mortgage and car payments is as pervasive as the press hypes?

I guess I am lucky in the fact that my home hasn't really lost value, as it is what is commonly called a 'starter' home. People usually by this house to start off and move to something bigger and uglier. I call it an 'ender' home, as it will be the last home I ever own, and I plan on being carried out of it at room temperature in about forty years. And what's amazing is if I just double up on the principal - right now it's around $250 - and viola, my mortgage goes down from a thirty year to a ten or fifteen year note. And the payment increases a few dollars ever month, which isn't too bad. An it turns out to save me tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments (hopefully) over the life of the loan (if I can keep this up).

I don't know why I posted this picture above. It's of I-81 back in PA where I grew up. Oh, now I remember. It's becuase I am going back there in June and am getting ready to plan my trip. For the first time ever in my life I will try to use frequent flyer miles.

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