Friday, March 20, 2009


The CBC is my home page (U.S. MSM is worthless), and as I was about to jump into some end-of-the week work, the picture of these four soldiers killed in Afghanistan came up. So sad that these kids lost their lives in a ravaged and torn country in a war that will never have a successful end. (And look at how young the guy looks third from the left!). and we will never see the million faces of those innocent civilians that lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What's worse, is that the enemy really isn't even a country, but a tribal warlord that we once supported because he was the enemy of the enemy. And the more I think about it, the Taliban were ostracized by al Qaeda, the supposed true enemy, that we also nurtured back in the eighties. But here we are at war with an enemy that we cannot see, that has no form. And we expect to achieve victory.

It amazes me that were as a species are so supposedly intelligent, but yet so strikingly stupid. And that we place such little value on some human life. I really didn't mean to write so somberly on a Friday late-sun-filled day, but the picture on the home page made me realize life is precious. - whether Canadian or Afghani.

We need an enemy
I'm saving all my rage for you
We need an enemy
I'm saving all my rage
- "Christmastime in the Mountains" Baker/Black

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