Friday, March 27, 2009


Yes, I have been writing less. But I got sucked into doing a few tax returns for colleagues and realize that I strongly dislike doing taxes. They take far more time than they are worth (when it is not part of your daily regimen). And since I just finished a few partnership returns and others (mine included), it is time to breath a sigh or relief and maybe have some free time in the evenings to garden.

And I was searching for some fancy statistics on the web about how the wealthy avoid taxes and my first find described how the top 1% earn 19% of the income, yet pay 37% of the taxes. Now I understand that is in theory the top tier is 37%, but I wonder how much is paid in actuality. I would imagine this group of people that acquired this wealth is quite crafty at retaining it with offshore accounts, trusts, etc. But I am too tired to keep digging on the Internet tonight, so I will leave it at that. I have heard in my many years amidst the accounting ilk that the US could wipe out its deficit if the corporations we no longer able to defer taxes in perpetuity. But it sounds like that could be an urban legend.

The picture is from last week's bike tour. It was the house of a wonderful woman that manages to grow enough surplus to donate hundreds of pounds to the food bank.

Tomorrow is rain all day, and that's alright by me. But a detox workshop tomorrow at a friend's place just caught my eye.

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