Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Although time crawls by at a snail's pace here in Bellingham, on certain levels it flies by. This is the third year that I've been involved in the Bike to Work & School Day here in Bellingham and it gives me time to reflect on the past years and see how far I've come, but yet how much more my roots are growing here in Bellingham. I think many city have a vibrant community, I just never felt the desire to become that active in anything, as I knew the many places that I lived were merely stations on my way to the end of the line, which evidently was Bellingham.

But I am a sucker for volunteering. People tell me how wonderful it is that I am involved in things like the urban gardening, the food bank, the biking activities, and probably a bunch of other thing that don't come to mind. But I really enjoy doing these things and I always find them to be fun. If I stop having fun, I stop participating. Simple.

Our society is so conditioned in the sense that one needs to spend money to gain reward, fulfillment or satisfaction. What a bunch of gullible dumb asses we are. No wonder we are broke, fat and miserable as a societal whole: Seeking extrinsic elements to fill our empty lives.

Speaking of filling things, my garages seems to be filling with strange bikes.

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