Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Here's a picture looking across Cornwall Ave. It was a warm day and fortunately I needed to ge into town three times on my bike to run errands: post office, IRS, bank - places like that.

I went out for afternoon tea and when I went to the Public Market, a friend told me that my picture was in a magazine. I thought something written locally, but it turns out it was the Permaculture Activist - certainly not something with the circulation of Newsweek, but still sort of neat. I really am not a big permaculturalist, but I sort of like the ring of the word (sort of like existentialist). I am more along the lines of an urban gardener, and it's good that our little movement is building some momentum and gaining some recognition.

A long and fun day. And you can feel spring in the air. And the energy here shows. Yeah, it's dreay and drizzly until July, but the warmer weather is great. And days like today are very welcomed.

I've gotta bolt because my computers says 2% battery life remaining....

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