Thursday, March 19, 2009


So the days blend together and this morning I had a weekly business breakfast, which means it was Thursday. And the warmth returns to Bellingham - who cares that it is raining. Today was the first day to bike without gloves. Warm and in the fifties. Right now my computer says eleven Celsius.

And as I write this, it is nearing the first day of Spring. There is a bike tour around the urban gardens that I am having this weekend. Basically I just pick an area and look around for yards that have been (or are being) turned into gardens to grow food. I read that a human can survive of 500 square feet of forest gardening (basically food at many tiers: ground cover, low lying plants, bushes, dwarf trees, large trees...) I learn a lot by orchestrating these trips and meet some really cool people of all ages and ilks.

Oh, the picture is another taken over on Ellis (I think) quite close to my house. A busy weekend of work and play.

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