Friday, January 30, 2009


If there is sun to be had, Magilla will find it. Sometimes she thinks she's a cat. Here is a common morning perch on the back of the couch. On a similar note, I found that I cannot get visitation rights for my ex-dog. What I bitter divorce.

But today I was physically relieved by this bug that I'd caught, only to be bitten by another bug of consumerism. I've had my cruiser for well over two years and have really been getting the itch for something much lighter and faster. And you guessed it, this bike is something I was looking for for the past year - single speed convertible to a fixed gear: simplicity and functionality. (I could do without the color combination though.) And to make matters worse, I searched the internet and the after finding the cheapest price anywhere in the world?...Well the bike shop right around the corner is selling it for $70 less than the price I found on the web. Ack.

I once calculated the cost of driving and maintaining my paid-for VW that I owned. With insurance, gas, oil, repairs and maintenance, I calculated that I spent about $250/month on it, so I consider that a car payment unit (or CPU). And I don't own a car anymore, so I have been banking these CPUs. My last bike cost me one CPU; this one (with fenders, a rack and lights) I could get for less than three. The cunningness of marketing is gradually transforming this want into a need.