Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here is a picture from Boulevard Park taken last summer. These days of sun and warmth will soon be upon us - oh, in about six months. Months of clouds interspersed with the occasional days of sun.

But the problem in the winter when it is sunny outside is that it gets really chilly since the cloud cover does not cap the hot air. Being cloudy and rainy usually pushes the temperature into the forties. Sunny, it usually stays in the thirties. Just a mere observation. My thermometer on my computer said fifty on Monday and sunny, so I jumped at the opportunity to take my old BMW motorbike out for a ride. It was not fifty degrees outside and the ride was quickly shortened, as I was woefully underdressed.

Tonight coming home from work brought with it a flat tire on my bicycle. I had this odd feeling when I left that I probably should have taken my pump with me (I usually do). So I ended up pushing my bike home for a few blocks, and ended up getting enveloped in a late night cleaning of this simple one-speed cruiser. As I cleaned it, I felt bad that I had neglected it throughout the winter. This bike has been a workhorse and faithfully carried me all over town. Sometimes I get the desire to upgrade, but why?

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