Friday, January 23, 2009


Here's a picture taken from today's Herald. The fog rolled in again tonight and is surreal in the crisp, invigorating, freezing temperatures with the mist on my brow. I went down to Woods Coffee very near here to meet a friend after yoga tonight. It was closing early, so I biked back to the one near the farmers' market in town and met him there. That's the extent of the excitement in my day.

But I am going back to San Francisco on business in a week or two, and my housemate is going to visit a friend in Hawaii, so it will be a few weeks of being in motion. And taking care of her ugly dog for a week. Sometimes I forget to feed myself, let alone an ugly dog. It will be fun though. And sleeping with Magilla is like having a heated seventy pound sand bag on you. What a lardo she can be.

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