Monday, January 12, 2009


I am ignorant when it comes to certain world affairs, but the overwhelming response of the world to the arocities commited by Isreal prompted me to read about what is going on, outside of the U.S. media of course, which is bascially worthless.

I read how the Israeli army is shelling schools and hospitals killing hundreds in their efforts to eliminate Hamas. At least it seems the are being a bit more successful than accounts I've read of the U.S. attempts to rout the Taliban. But how can a country to flagrantly attack another country and kill thousands of innocent civilians in the name of wiping out the bad guys? I find it repulsive of a regional power to take these actions and furthermore reportedly using phosphorous and other atrocious chemical weapons.

But at least the U.S. is profiting off this, as I've been told that most (all?) of the US aid that the United States gives to Israel (to the tune of a couple thousand bucks per citizen) doesn't even make it to the Israeli government, but gets paid directly to U.S. weapons manufacturers who in turn ship their latest and greatest war toys to Israel.

But out of all fairness, Isreal was provoked by Hamas and Palestine really isn't even sovereign nation after all, just a territory. It's not like a world power going into a sovereign nation unprovoked with a derelict military and wiping out hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians - women, elderly and children included. Oh wait, that's what the United States did in Iraq. And then we wonder why counties emulate the world leader, as we lead the world down the path of lowering the heinous standards of war. This is sometihng that I am ashamed of. And the U.S. turns its back. Disgusting.

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Anonymous said...

How well put...Yes the U S A
under Bush is a disgrace to the world. Personally I would like to
see all foriegn aid halted. Little of it goes to the people who need
it. I'm glad I am the old man I
am and not 18.

Unca Don