Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here is a picture of my housemate and her ugly dog. I hope she doesn't mind me putting a picture of her on my web log. It is nice when she brings me tea in the afternoon when I am on the couch under a blanket watching the Rockford Files on the only channel we get trying to fight a sickness today at one o'clock. When she goes to work in the early morning she opens up my door and Magilla jumps into bed with me. Poor dog seems to be cold quite a bit, as she has about as much hair as a baby rat. When I turn the little heater on and point it on her, she usually licks my face.

But work marches on and I needed to go down to Snohomish for a dinner meeting tonight and then a meeting with local farmers regarding the viability of planting oilseed, like canola. The farmers have a thankless life, with all the elements and uncertainties working with and against them. And add climate change to the equation (believe it or not, some scientific models project even more rain in Western Washington), and it only increases the risk they face day by day. But it is our company's effort to support local agriculture and to keep farming a viable activity in this incredibly fertile land (some of the richest on the planet) versus paving it over and replacing it with generic tract housing or more tacky strip malls for fat retirees, or flat people attempting to escape their homogeneous life in the suburbs, only to bring it along with them. Oops sorry. Keep it positive.

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