Thursday, January 8, 2009


Flooding everywhere. The picture above is along U.S.2 near the Pilchck River coming down from Monroe. We had a meeting that was farming related, and we agreed that much of this flooding deposits a wonderul layer of soil rich in nutrients everywhere. And unfortunately some newer houses received some of this wrath that were built in the hundred-year flood zones. But it seems that last century's hundred-year floods are this century's five-year floods.

But today I did something that I wanted to do since the first day I ever set foot in Bellingham,and was too ride my bike down the street with a yoga mat in the rear basket.

And that meant taking a yoga class, something that I'd never done before (although I did Vipassana sitting for a bit). The type of yoga is called Iyengar, and is supposedly good for beginners. (The first few times I thought it was called anger yoga, and thought it was a rather odd name for something supposedly calming.) It is always incredible to enter another entirely new world by doing something like taking a yoga class. And I hope to take quite a few more.

But I knew some of the people in the class (including the instructor), so afterwards we went out and the choice was either Uisce or Temple Bar; it was the latter. Two hours later I sit here feeling the onset of soreness. But at least it is good soreness.

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