Saturday, January 24, 2009


So last night a friend in need dropped by and he was somewhat distraught due to relationship issue. So we found ourselves over at a Western party where I was probably old enough to be most of the attendees' parents. But fortunately I do not show may age, and was still warmly welcomed by the host, who oddly enough was celebrating his 21st birthday. What a hoot.

So that meant getting home at two a.m. and falling into a horrible trend of getting to sleep and waking late. An easy habit to fall into and a painful one to break. I do love sleep - all eight hours of it, and then some - and am lucky that I am not sleep deprived. I've read where a good number of American are chronically sleep deprived. But then again, I've read where they're not.

But the bike ride to work yesterday was the second time I climbed over the hill to Happy Valley (versus cycling) that was a probably 500' ascent. Not bad on my one-speed cruiser and thanking a god that I hit traffic at the one stop sign and needed to wait for thirty seconds or so for it to pass, allowing me precious seconds to regain some semblance of composure. But I made it gracefully, and the tobacco in the three Amerian Spirits I smoked at the party last night wasn't mixed with guilt.