Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birth and Death

All of my friends come to see me last night
I was laying in my bed and dying
Annie Beauneu from Saint Angel
say "the weather down here so fine"
- Robert Hunter

Today was a morning I awoke to one of the mice lying in the middle of the living room floor injured or sick. I do not know if Magilla got to this gentle mouse or what other fate had befallen it, but I took put it on a bed of oat hay to let it pass peacefully; I do not think it will make it. It is odd how the thought of death of this tiny animal struck m versus the mouse, who has no concept of life or death, just an innate drive to survive. Life is so fragile.

And on a much brighter note, I spoke with my cousin in Cleveland and she had a healthy baby boy on the twelfth of this month. I am quite happy for them, as they are wonderful people.

This afternoon a thick fog rolled in, and it still is lingering - everything is so moist. Humidity is hovering around a hundred percent, and the wooden door to the garage is swollen and difficult to close and latch. I just came in from patching a flat on my cruiser, as I need to ride to work in the morning.

The picture is taken yesterday from the upstairs porch towards downtown. Orcas Island is in the background with the cirroculmulus clouds above. The tall building is the tallest one in Bellingham.

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