Saturday, January 31, 2009


This is the coming out of (what is call by some as) the pass from Alger into Bellingham by Lake Samish. This interstate, along with State Routes 9 and 11 are the only roads that separate Bellingham from the rest of the United States. Canada is a wide open twenty five miles to the north, incidentally.

This picture was taken today on I-5 when I took a business colleague to see our plant in Anacortes. Then back for a speaker on seed cultivating and saving at Village Books. I think it was a huge success, as the room was full of people and more and more chairs were added. I am glad to be part of this wonderful community in Bellingham. In three weeks we will have a seed swap and we hope that it may turn out to be just as well attended.

Oddly enough I still am in a state of opposition with myself, as the evil Monsanto that is literally taking control of the seed stocks throughout the world by purchasing their genetic fingerprints is the same company that sells Round-Ready Canola to farmers in Snohomish Counties so we can make biofuels to gain our energy independence while offering the farmers a sustainable livlihood so they don't need to sell out to tunr thier fertile farmland into pavement or more lawns. And besides, grass clippings by far are this country's largest agricutural crop. And residential gardeners on average apply ten times the pesticides and herbicides of farmers. Oh, I could go on...

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