Friday, January 16, 2009

Purple Mountains

It's not often that a picture can catch the beauty or that moment of awe when the sun casts its purple evening glow on Mount Baker. And tonight was another missed opportunity. But some day I'll get my housemate to get some better pictures of the mountains from my upstairs deck (like this one). But the sun returned today. And not much more happened other than dashing here and there.

I hope to take the old BMW R60/6 out next week for a bit, as we are supposed to have a sunny spell in the 'ham for a few days. For the next week, sun and forties. I can live with that.

Why do I get to bed earlier on a weekend night? It's nice to curl up with a warm dog on a chilly night ike tonight, Even if her name is Magilla and she's pretty ugly.

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