Thursday, January 29, 2009


Here's a picture taken from the ferry landing on Orcas Island last summer while we were waiting to return home. It was fun on a motorbike because you get to enter the ferry first. Or actually behind the bicyclists and pedestrians, but before all the cars and trucks.

Today was a day that my sickness left my body. I would have rather blown off yoga tonight but at least two people said it would be the best thing for me. So I went and I was glad I did. Whenever I get a three day flu, I always think of how nice it will be to be better again. Imagine the feeling of having an ailment from which one never recovers? Every day is a gift in our tiny self space in the huge expansiveness of time and other relativities.

And I should really get to bed, but when I got home Breakfast On Pluto was in front of the DVD player, so I popped it in - a disturbingly crude, yet enchanting movie.

Today was a seasonable mid-forties and cloudy. I'll take this versus thirty and sunny any day. I wouldn't be surprised is winter is over and it starts to warm up. I recall that things start germinating in mid-February.