Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today we cornered the dreaded mouse that has been terrorizing my life and home. Actually, I am kidding. It is the tiniest, sweetest little creature but unfortunately he is getting a bit cocky and this also got him into a bit of trouble today. After a mid-afternoon game of cat and mouse, the furry rodent prevailed. But I put up a pretty good chase and was amazed at his agility and ability to climb and jump and scurry. I though I had it trapped on the mantle, but he (or she?) made a valiant dive for the window and made its getaway. This time. But there's room for all of us in the house. Besides, the mice usually move out in early March.

The picture was taken of Whatcom Creek, the rushing waterway two blocks from my home. It's still running very high from the rains we had. Today we had another ninety seconds of sun. 0*C right now, but I think the weekend is supposed to be nice.

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