Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So I made my pilgrimage to the dentist today for a chipped crown. I was sort of excited to spend some money of my newly established HSA account, but fortunately he sent me on my way and told me that I just needed a cleaning and left my HSA intact. Hmm, mayb I can spend that money on a fixed-gear hub for a bike that I hope to build. My criuser is well past two years old and as a daily driver starting to show its age. Besides, I need something a bit faster to get around town. I should be able to build the whole thing for under a hundred bucks, with mostly reused parts.

Another night at my moonlighting gig watching the rain pour down as my gloves dry on the heater nearby. Having good biking gear is definitely a big plus. I was actually wet from perspiration versus wet from the rain. Oddly enough, most people will need to wait until the weekend to feel the spray of the sea or snow on their face. I am lucky enough to experience getting all rosy-cheeked on a daily basis on my way to work. Today though, the deluge was a bit over the top. And the headwind riding down State Street along the water to Fairhaven was quite intimidating. But I am glad that I do not have an automobile, for today would be a perfect day to drive. And the less I bike, the fatter and more stressed out I get.

At least I have a dry, warm place to go home to. And for that I am lucky.

The picture is taken from the same front window facing suth towards town. I need to ask my housemate how to take pictures more in focus. Oops.

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